with Ekaterina Burlyga
Johannes Büttner
Bastian Hagedorn
Henrike Naumann
Tea Palmelund
Boris Postma
Merle Vorwald

20. June - 27. July 2016
Kunsthuis SYB
Hoofdstraat 70
Beetsterzwaag, NL

Exhibition Opening: 23. July 2016 3pm - 11pm

The collective project GABBER NATION focuses on gabber culture in Friesland and on the specifics of sub-culture in the rural area. While the Heipalen sound inspired the industrial gabber bass drum of Rotterdam, the village Beetsterzwaag is a quiet and peaceful place. How does the urge for destruction, that every young soul feels, find its way in an environment like this?

For the duration of her residency at Kunsthuis SYB, Henrike Naumann, together with six German, Danish and Dutch artists, delves into the gabber culture of Friesland and Germany. What does it look like now and what preceded it? They visit historic places, music events and other gatherings whilst creating an archive of photos, videos and paraphernalia.

With Merle Vorwald, Henrike Naumann analyses the 'dome' of Thialf in Heerenveen and the legendary Thunderdome from the film Mad Max 3. With musician Bastian Hagedorn, Naumann works on the Bass Drum Archive, an audio archive which stores the bass lines of gabber tracks. With Johannes Bütter, Naumann explores the sub-culture in the rural area and the explosive power of youth. The Dutch photographer Boris Postma reminisces with Naumann on his own gabber youth and looks for traces of the apocalyptic. In collaboration with Dutch artist Tea Palmelund the artists produce a Gabber fan-zine publication, accompanying the show. Together with artist Ekaterina Burlyga, Naumann will finally dive into the aestetics of national flags and organize a gabber street parade in the peaceful Hoofdstraat of Beetsterzwaag.

DAY 40

DAY 39

Wrapping up the exhibition with the hard core family team

DAY 38

The future gabber jeugd Drachten came over today. Is it the 4th or the 5th generation?

DAY 37

Keeping up a tradition: spending the last night in the installation. Nexus '96 - by Boris Postma & Henrike Naumann
Original photo by Boris Postma

DAY 36

Press on Gabber Nation

Photo by Boris Postma

DAY 35

Peace has to be disturbed to find peace again. - J.

Installation by Merle Vorwald
Original photo by Boris Postma

DAY 34

GABBER NATION - the opening.

DAY 33

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears...in...rain.

DAY 32

Going underground.

DAY 31

The first proper group picture (4 out of 7)

DAY 30

Can't believe it took me one month and a fietje ride to Strandheem Opende to finally see a proper THUNDERDOME.

DAY 29

Going viral.

DAY 28

The gym.

DAY 27

They kept their promise.

DAY 26

New vibes.

DAY 25

Home alone.

DAY 24

Preparations - only 10 more days to go!

DAY 23

Keeping the remotes under control

DAY 22

DAY 21

Work in progress.

DAY 20

Merle finishing her work before leaving tomorrow.

DAY 19

Mix of the day: AddMe - Summer of 2099

DAY 18

The caravan has arrived!

DAY 17

Mix of the day: Gabber Syndrome - Retrospect

DAY 16

Frysian day.

DAY 15

Mapping Gabber Nation

DAY 14

Thunder. Process. Merle.

DAY 13


DAY 12

The postman brought a sub-woofer.
Seems like Johannes will be here soon.

DAY 11

Boris has arrived!

DAY 10

Clemens is leaving the Gabber Nation tomorrow.


Mix of the day: AddMe - .Core Boulevard
Windows down and volume up.
More mixes @addmethx.
Instagram Got_core


It was a very good day.


On this sunday I want to recommend to you WISE UP! - the radio channel of cultural anthropologist, popmusic scholar and radio-activist Bianca Ludewig from Berlin.
to listen to a feature on utopia and apocalypse in Gabba music (in german).


Research trip to the DEFQON.1 in Biddinghuizen!


After disturbing Brexit news in the morning we went to Heerenveen to visit the archives of the Thialf speed-skating arena


Watching two Mad Max movies straight after another was too much. Watched Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome today. Can't wait to go to Heerenveen!


Ambitious plan: watching Mad Max II (1981) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) to be finally able to visit the Thialf ice skating arena in Heerenveen (20km from here), where the first Thunderdome gabber rave took place in 1992.


We set up our workspaces and watched Mad Max I (1979) to start our research on Gabber iconography and aesthetics.


Travelling to from Berlin to Beetsterzwaag (NL) with Merle and Clemens. Epic frysian weather, surprised to be actually wearing the RTC-scarf against the cold rainy weather.