Tupac Amaru Shakur -2Pac


In 1996, the American rapper Tupac ,2pac‘ Amaru Shakur was shot in Las Vegas. He died at the age of 25. There are many conspiracy theories around his killing, as people cannot believe the early death of such a great artist. Thug Life collects evidence of the fact that he was not killed, but left his gangsta lifestyle in America to start a new life in Marrakech. The work reflects on migration and the global connectivity of rap music.

Music: Bastian Hagedorn
Photography: Nadia Mounier, Egypt
2pac: Nourdine Qachbane, Morocco
King: Ayoub Chazi, Morocco

Thank you: Agnes, Amine, Riccardo, Clemens, Nele, Youssef, Souq Bab El Khemis and all believers

Dar Si Said, Marrakech, Morocco (2015)

Manhattan Bridge Projection, New York City, USA (2015)

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