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Henrike Naumann
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Photos & videos installations: 2000 – Alexander Koch, Achim Kukulies, Maksym Bilousov, Raimund Zakowski. DDR Noir – Eric Tschernow, Foto-Atelier Lorenz. Ruinenwert – Ulrich Gebert, Moritz Jekat, Motto. Das Reich – Ladislav Zajac, Johannes Stoll. Triangular Stories – Stefan Haehnel, Daniel Carsenty, Johannes Stoll, Inga Selck. 14 Words – Axel Schneider. Anschluss 90 – Clara Wildberger, Matthias Voelzke, Inga Selck, OH Dancy. Tag X – Norbert Miguletz, Lutz Knospe. Monotonie des Yeah, Yeah, Yeah – Ana Laura Rodríguez Heinlein, The Village. Ostalgie – Julia Zaharova, Ladislav Zajac. The Museum of Trance – Pedro Lasch, Inga Selck, Nik Mantilla, Johannes Honeck. All other photos & videos by Henrike Naumann.

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