The Museum of Trance

Written on 14. June 2022

Ghetto Biennale / Atis Rezistans
documenta fifteen Kassel, 2022

We propose the Museum of Trance as a fictional institution that explores the sonic culture phenomenon of the 90ies German music genre Trance. Built around the organ, the central instrument of worship ceremonies, the work, combines structural elements of ethnographic historicization and museology of cultural formations. St. Kunigundis is located in the immediate vicinity of the legendary club ,Stammheim’ (1996), which was called ,Aufschwung Ost’ until 1994. In the church, the techno beats could be heard during Sunday services. The trance organ connects these different spiritual spheres – as if the beats were still blasting.

Bastian Hagedorn / Henrike Naumann

Texts on Ghetto Biennale

PDF for the exhibition at St. Kunigundis Kassel with infos on all works

Film “The Sculptors of Grand Rue” by Leah Gordon

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